Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hello friends,
My name is Ron"realdeal" Dominico, welcome to my blog. I'm trying to get enough "friends" together to start a' newknownow' third party. One that will once and for all, unite the people as one. I know that is a real challenge, but I believe WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! All we need is us to believe that we can, and WE will succeed if we try real hard (with no excuses), AND WE WILL. Once we start our "mindset"as one, "WE THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE" , we will start a change. This action will start a reaction, so others will look at what we're trying to accomplish here. And they also will see the unity we have, and want to support the new party like us! So here's my newknownow party's name THE INDEPENDENT PEOPLE PARTY,  AMERICANS FOR AMERICA. Like my initials state RD, I'm not a republican nor democrat, I'm a independent since 1982, how about you? I'm also a identical twin, divided at birth, so I know all about division. For me it was good, it meant that I was never alone and I always had someone to talk to. For us as a people, division is not good from where I stand. As much as I have learned throughout my life, I just celebrated my sixty third year in this world, there's still more. My thoughts have always been"what if we all were connected in thought" how would that change our actions? Pretty positive I would hope, but sometimes I wonder about choice and free will. People have ( in this country) the right to choose almost everything they do in their lives. So why do we seem to be going around in circles all the time? Because we're divided, not connected as one people on the same planet, don't you agree? So let's get on the same mindset , right now so we can stop going around and around and around forever. If the republicans are red and the democrats are blue, and the American flag is red white and blue, the only color we could use is white. As you see its in between red and blue, not dividing anyone or anything, just there like us. Remember white was all we could use, red and blue were taken already, that's all. They have the elephant ( who can't remember crap and the donkey who does nothing but crap) when you ask them who did it, they point their fingers at each other. With our party it's the eagle, who watches over all of us so "NOBODY" can do WRONG! If you do ,we come and get you, hold you responsible and accountable for what you have done. There are no second chances or free rides, on this train. So now we got that RIGHT, let's get our minds on the same page to begin our birth. The INDEPENDENT PEOPLE party where you are just POSITIVE in your mindset! If you agree with me so far friends, please let me know, so I can count on your belief and support.