Thursday, July 4, 2013


Hello friends,  It's been a while since I've posted something, I have been trying to figure out "WHY" we haven't reached our REAL INDEPENDENCE DAY yet? I have tried to make people see that we need to be independent, once and for all. In my past blogs, all I have said is "WE", like in"WE THE PEOPLE" sound familiar? So why do most people still say "I"? Because I don't understand, if our DECLARATION states INDEPENDENCE, why aren't we? We all have the choice to be Whoever, Whatever, live Wherever, Whenever WE want, so why not start today to be REALLY INDEPENDENT. GOD gave us free will (seems like We pay"not everyone" for everything else) to know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, help and hurt, give and take, you would THINK! Well it's about TIME we wake up and smell the coffee, we drink enough of it, to be  AWARE of what's GOING ON in OUR COUNTRY. WE'VE come to far, fought to many wars, lost to many people, DEFENDING our COUNTRY AMERICA, home of BRAVE and land of the FREE. We need that INDEPENDENT PEOPLE PARTY AMERICANS FOR AMERICA TODAY! No if's and but's about it, if we all NEED and WANT the same things in OUR lives,( I know we do) it's today. So Stand up for OUR RIGHTS and take charge of OUR FUTURE,( if we are to have one) and become an independent people. That's what and why OUR forefathers fought and died BELIEVING in this PROUD and FREE  country AMERICA . The "GOOD OLD USA", have a safe and good 4th enjoy and GOD BLESS