Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hello friends,
Sorry it's been so long to hear from me, my computer was down but I'm here now. So let's get back to the real issue, what independence is all about to us all. To me it means that I have a choice in what I say, do, and where I go. But not all of us really are as independent as we think, sometimes we're told what to say, what to do, and where to go. Doesn't sound INDEPENDENT to me, don't you agree? So to really be independent, we must define what independent means. To be free of outside control or authority, is one of many listed under independent in our dictionary. Independence Day celebrates our freedom nationally, on the day we became "free". But how did we become free? We declared our freedom, and we fought for that freedom, don't you remember! All of us need to continue that fight for our freedom, like those who fought before us, if we are to remain free. To do this we must all be independent, to make the right choices in our lives for the betterment of mankind. So if we celebrate this day every year, why are we not united in our being "INDEPENDENT" all of us as one? As I stated before I've been an '"INDEPENDENT " all my life, in voting since 1982. WE ALL NEED TO BE INDEPENDENT starting RIGHT NOW, on this "INDEPENDENCE DAY"2010. If we all change our mindset to really be independent and free, we will all accomplish this together as one people. We must challenge our choices and change our direction from the way it's going, before it's to late. So let's begin our fight for our continued FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE !

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