Friday, July 8, 2011

Are we really independent and free?

Hello friends, sorry it's been so long, but I'm still learning how to reach you on my computer. Well it's the fourth of July again, Independence Day, a time to celebrate the United States independence. But are WE independent and free, the way they said it in the Declaration of Independence, and signed it back in 1776? I think not, because of all the problems we are being faced with today. "We the people" are not being heard, and haven't been in a long, long time, don't you agree? I'm old enough to know that we need to get back to what made us, the " United States of America". That all men and women are created equal, pursuit of happiness, with freedom and justice for all. But we don't practice what we preach, do we? And why not, is what I would like to know NOW! how about you? It's time has come to take back our country, and bring respect, truth, dignity, freedom and peace via intelligence,wisdom and common sense! As I said before, we need a "positive mindset" for all of us to make it work. We need to be on the same page, so there are no reasons, problems or excuses. Our work is cut out for us, so we need to start today, to form a new old party, the "Independent People "party.We are the" United" States Of America, not the "Divided" States of America, which we are now. So what do you say? Are you "IN" or out, to join our quest to bring back independence and freedom to this great land of America?

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