Saturday, September 3, 2011

What is "Labor Day"

Hello friends, Here we are celebrating "Labor Day 2011" but should we with what's going on in our country today. Labor Day was first observed  on Sept. 5, 1882, by the Central Labor Union of New York. President Grover Cleveland reconciled with the labor movement, following the deaths of some workers by U.S.military and U.S. marshals, during the Pullman strike. He rushed through a bill making it a national holiday in 1894. The pattern of celebration was a street parade, to show the STRENGTH and SPIRT of trade and labor organizations. Speeches by prominent men and women with more emphasis on ECONOMIC and CIVIL significance of the holiday. So with that said, should WE be celebrating or THINKING of our future TOMORROWS? I think not, with MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people out of work today, WHY? Labor is the backbone of AMERICA, it's what got us to who we are as a COUNTRY! So how did we get to this point, we got GREEDY and DID NOT care about the consequences to the people. Both the government and the unions are to blame for this as I see it. They knew what could happen and it did, the bottom fell out. They did not support the people who support them, the TAXPAYER who pays their salaries and dues. Instead, they sold us DOWN the river and OUTsourced  OUR work ELSEWHERE! What happened is our fault, because WE let AMERICA down plain and simple. DO we all buy american products and goods? If I can find them I do, DO YOU? What country do you support?  Where is the car, clothes, food, products from, that you buy? AMERICA? I guess you get my point here, if we ALL support AMERICA, AMERICA will support US. It"s not TWO hard to understand, WE both go HAND in/to HAND, get it? Happy "LABOR DAY"

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