Sunday, July 17, 2011

United or Divided?

Hello friends, So here we are again thinking and talking about, United States or Divided States? Well to me it's real simple, we're the "divided states" because of our current politics. As I stated before when we formed the United States, the 13 colonies agreed on acting as one for  all. But somewhere and sometime ago, we lost sight of those goals they had.  I made up this quote "All for one and one for all, UNITED we stand   d i  v  i   d  e  d  we fall". I think that says it all, that we are no longer the United States, but the divided states we are! Why have "we the people" chosen not to be United anymore, and settle for division? Our elected government has been divided for years, and make us choose what side we're on. They can't make decisions that they can agree on, to benefit the people who elect them on their behalf why? Because they are divided in their beliefs, when OUR COUNTRY is the one that suffers their lack of concern. So when do we the people get back to being united as we should be? What does it take for us to see that this way we're going is in circles. Over and over again we vote someone in office who says they will help us, have they? WE still haven't got what we were promised, so we need to start to make up our minds NOW. We need the  "INDEPENDENT PEOPLE" party to get this country back on the right track. In order to change this direction we're headed, some may need to change the way they think. In order to do this everyone must be on the same page, in their mind it must be on the positive side. When we all think positive, we will get positive results, so will our positive actions prove this as well. The United States is more than a country on this planet, it stands for freedom, liberty, peace and the pursuit of happiness for ALL! So are we UNITED or DIVIDED? If you feel like I do, and agree with me, let's start by uniting us "WE THE INDEPENDENT PEOPLE PARTY' of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Once and for all.

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