Sunday, April 1, 2012

April fool's Day 2012 (Who's foolin Who?)

Hello friends, Well it's been 2 years (to the day) since I started my quest to get US UNITED, and start the INDEPENDENT PEOPLE PARTY AMERICANS FOR  AMERICA. Our goal is to STOP the political circus in our society today, and CREATE a UNITED third party. ONE that once and FOR ALL will bring back all the things that "ALL" of us have lost sight of. I don't know exactly when or how this happened, but I have my own beliefs, I'm sure YOU have yours too. What I know is it's for sure SOMEONE is trying to fool US to believe that their LOOKING out for our BEST interest, who fooling who? If you're a "Working Class Hero" where's your tax dollar going? And why isn't it doing what it should, and does EVERYONE contribute to HELP & PROTECT this country the way we know WE SHOULD? If we keep going the way we are today, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, no AMERICAN DREAM, no FUTURE for us and our children, or OUR COUNTRY! What WE need to do is BRING BACK our BELIEFS that all of us have the rights & choice, to accept or reject what is not acceptable to US. It's TIME has come for US to take a STAND and go "BACK TO THE FUTURE" if we're to have one at all. So TODAY lets START BELIEVING in OURSELVES, and take back OUR FUTURE for the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. NO more FOOLS for US, and no more being FOOLED by those who have been chosen by us, to  DO WHAT THEY WANT without our CONSENT or PERMISSION. We need ACCOUNTABILITY of those people first, to build TRUST & RESPECT second, but above all to know the TRUTH.  

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