Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hello friends, well here we are celebrating"PATRIOTS DAY" 2012, and what does this day mean to you? I know what it means to me, that some people called "PATRIOTS" have defended and died for their  country. Would  YOU be willing to do that for our future, like they did? Then you would also be a PATRIOT, a person with beliefs that values and traditions are worth fighting for, correct? I would like to BELIEVE so, because they also believed that OUR COUNTRY was worth whatever it took to keep it "OURS" With all the problems today in our country, some might NOT think so, and there's the problem. WE ALL need to think that it's worth the sacrifice to keep AMERICA strong and stable, for all of us to have a future. Most of us, I would like to say ALL OF US, give praise to our patriotic men and women, who are defending freedom & liberty all around this world. But we need PATRIOTIC PEOPLE right here at HOME, in our "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". To STAND UP  and let people know that WE are here and not going AWAY, for what we believe is OUR RIGHTS.The"INDEPENDENT PEOPLE  PARTY AMERICANS FOR AMERICA  has those same beliefs. NOW is the time to show HOW UNITED WE ARE, not how DIVIDED we are, to overcome all the problems we face TOGETHER. To be strong, secure, stable, a society with a belief of hopes and dreams, justice, equality & unity for all who are willing to SACRIFICE whatever it takes, for those beliefs. Then and only then, we'll be able to call ourselves "TRUE PATRIOTS"   GOD BLESS

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